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import os,json,sys,wmi
from cloudbaseinit.osutils import factory as osutils_factory
from cloudbaseinit.utils import network
def load_json_variable(file_path,variable):
file = open(file_path)
data = json.load(file)
return data.get(variable)
def find_drive(file_path):
for number in range(65,91):
drive_letter = chr(number)
if os.path.exists(drive_letter+file_path):
return drive_letter+file_path
print("\n Searched file could not be found on any drive with path:" + file_path)
return False
def get_name_by_mac(mac):
osutils = osutils_factory.get_os_utils()
name = osutils.get_network_adapter_name_by_mac_address(mac)
return name
def activate_dhcp(name, family):
osutils = osutils_factory.get_os_utils()
osutils._fix_network_adapter_dhcp(name, True, family)
# variables
meta_data_path = find_drive(":\OPENSTACK\LATEST\META_DATA.json")
# 2 for ipv4 and 6 for ipv6
family = 2
# execute
if meta_data_path != "False":
macs = load_json_variable(meta_data_path,"dhcp")
for mac in macs:
name = get_name_by_mac(mac)
activate_dhcp(name, family)