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Fedora CoreOS template for proxmox with cloudinit support

Create FCOS VM Template


TEMPLATE_VMID="1000"                     # Template Proxmox VMID 
TEMPLATE_VMSTORAGE="thin-ssd"           # Proxmox storage  
SNIPPET_STORAGE="local"                 # Snippets storage for hook and ignition file
VMDISK_OPTIONS=",discard=on"            # Add options to vmdisk
  • fcos-base-tmplt.yaml

The ignition file provided is only a working basis. For a more advanced configuration go to

it contains :

  • Correct fstrim service with no fstab file
  • Install qemu-guest-agent on first boot
  • Install Geco-iT CloudInit wrapper
  • Raise console message logging level from DEBUG (7) to WARNING (4)
  • Add Geco-iT motd/issue

Script output

root@vc0:/opt/fcos-tmplt# ./ 
Check if vm storage thin-ssd exist... [ok]
Check if snippet storage local exist... [ok]
Copy hook-script and ignition config to snippet storage...
'fcos-base-tmplt.yaml' -> '/var/lib/vz/snippets/fcos-base-tmplt.yaml'
'' -> '/var/lib/vz/snippets/'
Get storage "thin-ssd" type... [block]
Download fedora coreos...
fedora-coreos-32.20201018.3.0-qemu.x86_64.qcow2.xz  100%[=================>] 524.11M  59.8MB/s    in 8.5s    
fedora-coreos-32.20201018.3.0-qemu.x86_64.qcow2.xz (1/1)
  100 %      524.1 MiB / 1779.8 MiB = 0.294    55 MiB/s       0:32             
Create fedora coreos vm 
update VM 900: -agent enabled=1 -autostart 1 -boot c -bootdisk scsi0 -cores 4 -cpu host -memory 4096 -onboot 1 -ostype l26 -tablet 0
update VM 900: -description Fedora CoreOS - Geco-iT Template

 - Version             : 32.20201018.3.0
 - Cloud-init          : true

Creation date : 2020-11-26

update VM 900: -net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0

Create Cloud-init vmdisk...
update VM 900: -ide2 thin-ssd:cloudinit
importing disk 'fedora-coreos-32.20201018.3.0-qemu.x86_64.qcow2' to VM 900 ...
transferred: 0 bytes remaining: 8589934592 bytes total: 8589934592 bytes progression: 0.00 %
transferred: 91053306 bytes remaining: 8498881286 bytes total: 8589934592 bytes progression: 1.06 %
transferred: 178670639 bytes remaining: 8411263953 bytes total: 8589934592 bytes progression: 2.08 %
transferred: 8589934592 bytes remaining: 0 bytes total: 8589934592 bytes progression: 100.00 %
Successfully imported disk as 'unused0:thin-ssd:vm-900-disk-0'
update VM 900: -scsi0 thin-ssd:vm-900-disk-0,discard=on -scsihw virtio-scsi-pci
update VM 900: -hookscript local:snippets/
Convert VM 900 in proxmox vm template... [done]


Before starting an FCOS VM, we create an ignition file by merging the data from the cloudinit and the fcos-base-tmplt.yaml file. Then we modify the configuration of the vm to add the loading of the ignition file and we reset the start of the vm.

During the first boot the vm will install qemu-agent and will restart. Warning, for that the network must be operational


Only these parameters are supported by our cloudinit wrapper:

  • User (only one) default = admin
  • Passwd
  • DNS domain
  • DNS Servers
  • SSH public key
  • IP Configuration (ipv4 only)

The settings are applied at boot